[ Sandbox Game ] January Development Update!

SharkCat NFT
5 min readJan 19, 2022


Key Point

  • Road to phase 3 there are many numbers of steps that we have been through in the process of developing Sandbox Game !
  • Become the first 3D SharkCat model !
  • Game concept! & What you expect to be founded in Sandbox Game
  • The future and what is possible in the game of SharkCat

Greeting SharkCatians! We understand that everyone Waiting latest news about game from us! ( Real game news, not meme :emoji: ) I think it’s time for the 1st Development note from 2022!

Over the past year, our development team has done many game design and also focus on creating models for SandBox. We think it’s not easy to get it right as we continue to design new thing and carefully pick the design that help us to be the first mover on Sandbox game genre . so, here’s the roadmap that show we already arrived at the Design Asset section. It mean that we already have decision on game concept which will be written later in GDD Section stay tune!

Model Design

The best start to learning and developing anything in the SandBox world is very new to us. Our motivation to create something is not looking for the most beautiful perfect model but for us, we want the SharkCatians to yell out “that’s my cute SharkCat! “ when they first seen the model.

So we started with a rough draft and started to understand the limitations of modeling. It’s not easy and more difficult If cuteness is at the heart of SharkCat, we need to pay special attention to it. So here’s a picture to describe how WhiteSharkCat has been in this past year.

Game Concept and Demo

The multiplayer adventure board game. Yes! That’s the game genre we’re talking about, because the scent of excitement feeling like chilling in a Las Vegas casino. and the challenges that appear in the story on each scene makes us want to describe all nostalgic for old games like Dokapon or Pummel Party. that we’ve play with family or best friends on the same screen and compete to find out the winner

However, we would like to encourage each player to support each other (but also we want to keep the competitive part because it’s fun isn’t? ) . From the start there are characters on the SharkCat Chase board will have different route which describe from each character personality some are fighters, some are smart, and some are quick .They will have different roles and paths for each player, so don’t forget to have decision first. Who is the character that you will choose your adventure as your delegate!

In the end, all 4 of our characters will have the same destination to gain most point while playing each match and It’s come from Scrap Token fragments you earn by completing mini-games. and come from many treasure chest rewards along the way.

Including some secret items that we hide as Exclusive Tokens for each season, which is limited and in this first season there are 4 …. Oops! no spoilers! but I’ll tell you it’s difficult and also sometime it depend on luck and understanding of SharkCat’s story, but it’s worth looking for that We can guarantees with the pride of SharkCat ! .

We also expect to release the trailer in Mid-February and release the demo & hub at the end of February. And finally, the 1st Season main game is no later than April. Please be patient until then.

Game Idea and Future for SharkCat
** This is only possibility. and is in the process of consideration so It is not Finalize. **

  • Holding a SharkCat on the 1stGen edition will earn you a DAO share of rewards on sandbox sales when holding a seasonal collection. The number of theme characters you are holding the higher distribute you can get.
  • Unique & Legendary SharkCat will appear in almost every season, they can be NPC or enemies, and of course they count in the DAO if that season is still on our land.
  • Gameplay in the Sandbox, there are special items for 1stGen and Holder, distributed as NFT in Sandbox, that will make it easier for you to play through or it may add some cuteness.
  • We may launch a Gen2 collection in the sandbox for another 6,000 SharkCat to land on Earth which mean all SharkCat will come to our planet safe and sound on this time

Finally, we continue to share our DEV note every month and hope SharkCatian is happy and healthy. See you again in February. Don’t forget to take care of your health.

P.S. We’ll be giving out 10 SharkCatBattle points immediately for 1stGen and 5 points for Holder to enter the #Secret-Room. For those who haven’t scored yet, go and play SharkCatBattle. Leviathan is waiting for you to play with him.



SharkCat NFT

SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea.