[ Sandbox Game ] March Development Update!

SharkCat NFT
4 min readMar 27, 2022


Key Points

  • Modifications to the new SandBox plan.
  • Land Developing Progress
  • Changing of story and gameplay in SandBox
  • Modification of SharkCat stripes

Hello SharkCatians!

SharkCat’s journey shall be continued, Hi, I’m a DEV. Note on March. Everyone should be waiting for me, right?

We already noticed that we were skipping on February Dev-Note due to many updates on Sandbox so we have to re-writing and update a new showcase that we will count as a double surprise!

And the following are some of the essentials that we think everyone wants to know about Team Dev.’s progress. Alright, let’s move on to the first section.

Modifications to new plans for SandBox

Due to the new update on SandBox and many showcases on the Alpha 2 experience map, we can conclude 2 things as we continue to research

- We can select a specific model on the specific map so we can select SharkCat as the main character in our Experience

- There is an External model that can be selected in the Avatar Creation tab in Sandbox. the game so that means you can select our cute SharkCat to travel all around Sandbox Land

. While we already plan on SharkCat Storyline last February that we will have humans as companions to share SharkCatian power and bring peace to this little planet that we are landing on. So these are unique Characters that will maximize the power of SharkCat along within the storyline

Land Developing Progress
We’re pushing HUB creation before the actual game builds to create a landmark that’s the declaration of SharkCatian’s greatness in the SandBox world, where you can play around a bit with mechanics , story and gameplay. Basics that everyone will find in this HUB map. While we generate a portal to teleport to our story & minigame map so we will have a variety of game genres that you can experience.

Right now we already have plans to develop 1 hub and 2 single-player experiences as you can see in the land presentation concept art which we have already done the process of creating assets to deploy on the land so we may see the overview of our Hub land soon hope it can publish or sneak before the end of the month in a 3D real top view of our Sandbox Land.

Of course, Our lively hub will provide not only a gateway to our mini-game it will including

  • Mini-game that you can try to compete with friends
  • Our Gallery Zone that you will enjoy much fine art of cute SharkCat
  • Lively SharkCatian citizens all around the city!
  • Photo Section that we will hold the event in the future
  • Some quest that will give to understand the lore of SharkCat Story

Changing of story and gameplay in SandBox

We have dismantled the planning of creating the game from the original said. Our main gameplay is a board game (Board Game like Dokapon or Pummel Party ) may have to change to open-world RPG-like gameplay for reasons of fun and variety in the game. With our development team members enlarged enough to accommodate larger-scale games. However, we will still keep the concept that there will be a random system in the story so that each play changes according to the story that occurs in each scene. and the decisions of the characters we play

As for the storyline mentioned earlier, SharkCat will have a great human partner. Affects the changing play Our gameplay will be more diverse. And here’s a preview of the mini-games you’re likely to find in our game map.

  • Hack & Slash combat is similar to Dynasty Warrior gameplay.
  • Dodging obstacles is like Fall guy the game.
  • Exciting SharkCat spaceship driving game
  • Challenging Puzzle Problem Solving Game
  • A time-limited Parkour.

Changing the SharkCat Stripes

You may have noticed that SharkCat’s line art has changed. Because we want SharkCat to look like a Japanese cartoon. and in keeping with the new Story that will travel with the humans In addition to our new lines, we also have plans to modify the website page including Discord to make it more game to welcome the Sandbox theme. During the new web page design Overall, we need to rebrand everything from lines to sandbox themes that are more game.

And that’s the whole content of the DEV. Note in March, see you in April!! And we may have a surprise at the end of this month. Looking forward and keep in touch!!



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