[ Sandbox Game ] March Development Update!

  • Modifications to the new SandBox plan.
  • Land Developing Progress
  • Changing of story and gameplay in SandBox
  • Modification of SharkCat stripes
  • Mini-game that you can try to compete with friends
  • Our Gallery Zone that you will enjoy much fine art of cute SharkCat
  • Lively SharkCatian citizens all around the city!
  • Photo Section that we will hold the event in the future
  • Some quest that will give to understand the lore of SharkCat Story
  • Hack & Slash combat is similar to Dynasty Warrior gameplay.
  • Dodging obstacles is like Fall guy the game.
  • Exciting SharkCat spaceship driving game
  • Challenging Puzzle Problem Solving Game
  • A time-limited Parkour.



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SharkCat NFT

SharkCat NFT

SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea.