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SharkCat NFT
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SharkCat NFT collection is composed of 9,999 randomly generated NFTs which will be listed on the Ethereum Blockchain. SharkCat NFTs are on another level of animal characteristics. They have 12 tribes whose looks and habits are cool in different ways. With these various features, we plan to develop our future project to be more long-lasting and sustainable.

Our goal is to create a new perception of NFT by our sequencing projects as SharkCat characters will be featured in comic book, animation, toy, and game industries. We also want to create a game that is open for everyone to play, not just only the NFT-targeted people. Consequently, it will lead to the Metaverse. Moreover, the team has already prepared a plan to launch the game on Sandbox early next year for sure. You can check out our land on Sandbox as well.

Our Aims

Brand Awareness

Nowadays, we all agree that NFTs play important roles in this digital world. Our team aims to make SharkCat NFT shine among other NFTs. We have our ambitious goals for long-term success and the roadmaps to achieve such goals. We soon will have a collaboration with other projects. Please stay tuned.

Marketing and Strategy Challenge

Our experienced team members consist of various professionals and multinational races. Marketing in NFTs market requires variety of nationalities engagement. Keep that in mind, we pay serious attention to that principle. Our team members come from different backgrounds, cultures and countries to build engagement of supporters from around the globe. Our marketing plans will include online, offline and impressive services. We keep developing ourselves to keep up with the changing of technology.

Mystery Hour Event

This Event is to say “ Big Thanks ” to our supporters of SharkCat NFT before an official launch. We hope to impress and express our gratitude to our supporters and investors for the project. We have SharkCat journey plans ahead and we do hope you all enjoy our Mystery Hour Event.

Long Live Growth

NFTs market is expanding every minute. SharkCat team always works to be ahead of the trend while continuing to grow sustainably. The project can potentially grow more with the support from all supporters.

During the journey of growth, we will continue to have SharkCat events and activities for investors and followers. We also take comments and recommendations from our followers constructively because we know your comments are valuable among this rapid change of the NFT market. So, please note that your comments are appreciated and valuable to the team.


Among many NFT projects released simultaneously on blockchain , the SharkCat team aims to continuously and sustainably develop the project. The goals are to attract the NFT lovers and build community for engagement and support of the project in the long-term.

We believe supporters and community members of SharkCat are the key driven to success of the project. Building networks of people is the vital factor for growth. So , we think of marketing strategies on social medias, community engagement ,service and co-partner.

The collaboration of work between other partners , yet keep our unique NFT SharkCat characteristics shine , can bring the project to the world class NFT rank. We do hope our principles lying in the marketing plans can ensure our success and growth here.

Our marketing plan is to build strong community with high engagement of the project. We hope to impress our friends ,supporters and investors in all our events.


Our project was first initiated by those cat lovers, so we will surely plan to share some of our earnings for those homeless, abandoned and abused for dogs and cats. This part of earnings will be shared with those non-profit organizations or foundations working on helping animals. Also, we consider donating some earnings to Sea life projects for charitable purposes. Each cycle, we will let the community decide which foundations this part of earnings will go to.


The artwork of SharkCat NFT is also important. Sharks are charming creatures and they are one of the animals on the top of the food chain but hunted by humans. Cats are not at the top of the food chain, but humans are cat slaves because of their cuteness. Do you think that’s true? What if sharks have cat descendent? Will humans love it? This is where SharkCat begins.

SharkCat is a cute combination of cats and sharks of all species. To show the cuteness, coolness, wildness and you will be fascinated if you watch it for too long! SharkCat is divided into 12 different tribes, each with its rarity, which is divided into 8 different rarities for everyone to own in the multitude of tribes, thousands


The SharkCat project is listed as a Token on ERC-721 on Ethereum Blockchain which is a standard token for NFT projects. This type of token can be traceable to its origin on blockchain and IPFS by Metadata. All of the tokens will be created and randomly organized, so they will be distributed fairly to all buyers.


Unique-Featured SharkCat Collection

We initially designed each SharkCat draft for 12 tribes and the challenge was to make them compatible and still have Shark and Cat appearances. Moreover, we need to create SharkCat characters within the scope of the main story outline that we have planned for the upcoming project as well. All of the 12 tribes will be released with some rarities which are completely different from each other. These unique SharkCats will be intended for our holders for their satisfaction.

Building SharkCat Community ( Website , Facebook , Twitter , Discord )

Our team has a background in marketing fields. As our social media is considered an overall marketing opportunity, building our brand awareness on social platforms is a must for every online project. Our goal is to build an online community that is trustworthy and sustainably helping growth of the project.

In the first phase of the marketing launch, our team started reaching out to some NFT collectors with a branding strategy. Then, we collaborated with influencers in the NFT social marketplace and world news publishers to promote our project. We also have our administrators who are the key persons that share our updated content and attract more members to join our SharCat community on discord.

SharkCat Mystery Hour and Online events

We plan to hold events on our social media platforms which are a challenging task for us to make it happen. Through our ongoing events, we hope that our followers or members will get to know us better. The market plan is regularly about announcements to attract people to interact with the team. But in this case, we believe that bringing our SharkCat with game activities to both new and existing followers will enlighten more people about our branding identity. A SharkCat Mystery Hour is an event that we intend to host for our supporters and investors continually. By this event, we will make it a special occasion and give privileges to our supporters who keep following us. It is the benefit that we want to give back to all SharkCatians.

Merchs and Comic books for SharkCatians

We plan to create SharkCat comic books in which we collaborate with the Dango Manga company who is one of our partners. We are in the process of drafting the story outline and preparing the whole process of comic book publication. There will be SharkCat’s toy collectibles and merchandise released right after.

Sandbox Monopoly Game in SharkCat’s Theme

The Sandbox’s rising popularity is worth grabbing an opportunity of during this time. Certainly, we have bought a 3x3 size land on Sandbox to further develop our games on Metaverse.

Independent Marketplace Launch / GameFi / Community Platform

We have plans to develop our own Marketplace and Token coins $SKC to be used in the ecosystem within the Marketplace and GameFi as well. Our game will be developed on a community platform to show the performance and characters of SharkCat whom they explored the adventures or join the battles to win various prizes.

SharkCats will definitely be introduced into our developed game which our SharkCat world’s individually being formed together to battle the mysterious invaded creatures from the other planet.

DAO and Holder Benefits

We are creating a community wallet by giving the dividend 10 ETH and taking out 25% of Loyalty fee. We will purchase NFT piece of work which it has highly succeed and valuable. Our investment to organize Airdrop activities, charities and give back to our SharkCat NFT holders. Depending on the direction of our majority community vote’s to invest the most value NFT project and charity.

We’ve prepared and offered to the interesting investors on SharkCat NFT project as below:

  • Free Gas for the first of 3,000 SharkCats NFT (Maximum: 0.030 ETH)
    Transferring gas fee back to the person who minted our first 3,000 SharkCats NFT.
  • Lucky Number of Minter
    Those who minted our SharkCat NFT on such serial numbers #1111, #3333, #5555, and #7777 will be the lucky winners of 5 ETH.
  • Sold out Celebration
    If the collection of our 9,900 NFT has been sold out, we will hold up an Airdrop event with 10 ETH to our SharkCat NFT holders and giveaway a limited edition SharkCat collectible to whose owned Mystic SharkCat NFT and above (based on our rarities score).

Meet the Team

We are a team made up of Asian people who share a common interest in developing our NFTs to enter the global market. Each of them come from many countries, such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand together.

Investor (Shin)

  • NFT Collector and Crypto enthusiast
  • Run the project team and manage all marketing Campaign

Co-Founder and Team Lead (Sphynx)

  • Background in Engineering and Project Management
  • Crypto Miner
  • NFT Collector

Co-founder and Art Director (Megalo)

  • Education background in Art and Design
  • All Arts related to our project have been designed and made by his team
  • Cat Lover

Co-founder and Marketing Specialist (FluffyFin)

  • Background in Business Marketing and Technology
  • Online Blogger

Co-Founder and Developer (God Shark)

  • Background in Online Game Industry
  • FullStack Developer and Engineering
  • Experienced in Blockchain Technology

Social Manager (Poseidon)

  • Cutie Asian Girl
  • Always eager to help
  • Love shilling everywhere


In our journey, there are partners who decide to work with us in each project timeline. which is an important part that makes our work more challenging.

  • Dango Manga
    Publishers of Japanese comic books are legally licensed. which is distributed under Dango Manga Co., Ltd. by translating Japanese manga into Thai and distributing in book form. and electronic books through the company’s own website.

Our Vision

SharkCat’s great mission is to become a new rising star in the NFT world by building a strong community. The team will release new products such as collectible items, toys, and limited edition comic books, sandbox games, marketplace and Play to Earn game, and community platform that stays on SharkCat planet. Moreover, we prepare exclusive activities for our supporters and SharkCat NFT’s holders will gain privileges in the long term.


We will start selling a total of 9,900 SharkCats with various distribution channels. Our privileges extend to our community members as follows;

  • For Original Gangster Presale (OGs) : Sales start from Dec 5th, 2021 , Maximum purchase of 4 SharkCats for each person at 0.065 ETH
  • For Whitelist Presale (WLs) : Sales start from Dec 6th, 2021 , Maximum purchase of 2 SharkCats for each person at 0.075 ETH
  • For Public Sales : Sales start from Dec 7th, 2021 , Unlimited purchasing amount of SharkCats at 0.085 ETH

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SharkCat NFT

SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea.