SharkCat Whitepaper Updated 30–12–2021


Our Aims

Brand Awareness

Marketing and Strategy Challenge

Mystery Hour Event

Long Live Growth






Unique-Featured SharkCat Collection

Building SharkCat Community ( Website , Facebook , Twitter , Discord )

Merchs and Comic books for SharkCatians

Sandbox Monopoly Game in SharkCat’s Theme

Independent Marketplace Launch / GameFi / Community Platform

DAO and Holder Benefits

  • Free Gas for the first of 3,000 SharkCats NFT (Maximum: 0.030 ETH)
    Transferring gas fee back to the person who minted our first 3,000 SharkCats NFT.
  • Lucky Number of Minter
    Those who minted our SharkCat NFT on such serial numbers #1111, #3333, #5555, and #7777 will be the lucky winners of 5 ETH.
  • Sold out Celebration
    If the collection of our 9,900 NFT has been sold out, we will hold up an Airdrop event with 10 ETH to our SharkCat NFT holders and giveaway a limited edition SharkCat collectible to whose owned Mystic SharkCat NFT and above (based on our rarities score).

Meet the Team

  • NFT Collector and Crypto enthusiast
  • Run the project team and manage all marketing Campaign
  • Background in Engineering and Project Management
  • Crypto Miner
  • NFT Collector
  • Education background in Art and Design
  • All Arts related to our project have been designed and made by his team
  • Cat Lover
  • Background in Business Marketing and Technology
  • Online Blogger
  • Background in Online Game Industry
  • FullStack Developer and Engineering
  • Experienced in Blockchain Technology
  • Cutie Asian Girl
  • Always eager to help
  • Love shilling everywhere


  • Dango Manga
    Publishers of Japanese comic books are legally licensed. which is distributed under Dango Manga Co., Ltd. by translating Japanese manga into Thai and distributing in book form. and electronic books through the company’s own website.

Our Vision


  • For Original Gangster Presale (OGs) : Sales start from Dec 5th, 2021 , Maximum purchase of 4 SharkCats for each person at 0.065 ETH
  • For Whitelist Presale (WLs) : Sales start from Dec 6th, 2021 , Maximum purchase of 2 SharkCats for each person at 0.075 ETH
  • For Public Sales : Sales start from Dec 7th, 2021 , Unlimited purchasing amount of SharkCats at 0.085 ETH



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SharkCat NFT

SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea.