SharkCat’s First Landing on NFT Sea

An Introduction to SharkCat Planet

12 tribes of SharkCat

What are the benefits for our SharkCatians?

Requirement of OGs & WLs

  • OG Price is only 0.065 ETH
  • Whitelist Price is 0.075 ETH
  • Public Sale Price is 0.085 ETH
  • Mystery Box Airdrop (END)
  • Fan Art Contest (until November 30th )
  • Invite Contest and XP Contest (until November 30th)
  • OG Giveaways Collaborating with Current 5 partners (11/21/21)

Big NFT Giveaway with Cool Cat Trons

Cool Cat Trons X SharkCat

SharkCat’s Community


Road Map

- Current Process (11/21/21)

Stage I : The Beginning of SharkCat (Pre Mint) [Q4 2021]

SharkCat Planet x Sandbox Game
  • Enjoy your 1st exploration on SharkCat Planet x Sandbox now!

SharkCat Comics, Animation, 3D Collection

SharkCat GameFi




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SharkCat NFT

SharkCat NFT


SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea.